.PRO Domain Name Rules/Requirements

Domain Name related Rules

Common Domain Name Rules (Anchor: common)

Domain Name Registration (Anchor: reg)

  • A .PRO domain name may be Registered for 1 to 10 years.

  • A .PRO domain name has a 4 day Money Back Grace Period.

  • The Bulk Registration feature is available for .PRO domain names.

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    Bulk Registration

  • Upon Registering a .PRO domain name, you may not Transfer-Away from Altin Groups IT Solution Center, until 60 days.

  • .PRO domain names do not support Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

Domain Name Renewal (Anchor: ren)

  • A .PRO domain name may be Renewed for 1 to 10 years.

  • Upon Expiry of a .PRO domain name:

    • any service such as email, website, etc., configured for this domain name would stop functioning, until the domain name is Renewed.

    • if the .PRO domain name is not Renewed until 36 days, the domain name would get Deleted and would slip into Redemption Grace Period.

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Domain Name Transfer (Anchor: trf)

  • Upon Transferring a .PRO domain name, the domain name gets renewed by 1 year.

  • .PRO domain names have a 60-Day Transfer Lock placed on them, after they are Transferred.

  • All .PRO domain names have a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code.

    The length of a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code may vary between 6 to 16 characters.

  • Upon placing a Transfer request for your .PRO domain name with Altin Groups IT Solution Center, we would validate your Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code with the .PRO Registry. Once confirmed, we will email the Admin Contact listed in the Whois of the domain name. The Admin Contact must click the approval link to confirm the Transfer. If the approval link is not clicked within 5 days, the domain name will continue being registered with the current Registrar.

  • The Bulk Transfer feature is available for .PRO domain names.

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Contact Details related Rules (Anchor: contact)

  • .PRO domain names are available for registration to any individual.

  • .PRO domain names use the General Contact database in the system.

    .PRO domain names use the following 4 Contacts:

    • Registrant Contact

    • Administrative Contact

    • Technical Contact

    • Billing Contact

  • .PRO Contacts do not support accented characters.

  • .PRO domain names do not support Altin Groups IT Solution Center's Privacy Protection feature.

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  • The Bulk Modify feature is available for .PRO domain names, while Bulk Privacy Protection is not supported.

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    Bulk Modify

    Bulk Privacy Protection

Name Servers and Child Name Servers related Rules (Anchor: ns)

  • Each .PRO domain name needs to have at least 2 Name Servers and may have upto 13 Name Servers.

  • There is no limitation on the number of Child Name Servers you may create.

  • You may associate upto 13 IP Addresses per Child Name Server.

  • You may associate IPv6 Address in Child Name Servers.

  • You may modify both Name Servers as well as any Child Name Servers associated with your .PRO domain name.