Sunrise TLD Setup Guide

Following are the steps you need to perform from within your Control Panel to setup your Sunrise TLD(s) for your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

  • Activate the Sunrise TLD(s) for your Reseller Account. See details

    Additional Information

    Identifying New gTLD Extensions

  • Set your Selling Price for the Sunrise TLD(s). See details

  • Buy Flow:

    • SuperSite:

      • The below files have been introduced:

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> New_gtlds.html

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> Sunrise.html

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> Sunrise_result.html

      • The below file has been updated:

        • Misc -> Page_titles.txt

        If you have made any modifications to this file, you need to update it to include the changes related to Sunrise TLDs.

    • API: You need to integrate the following API calls in your website -

      • Sunrise TLDs List: Fetches the list of TLDs currently in the Sunrise Period. See details

      • Check Availability: Performs a domain availability check for the string. See details


        The string(s) that the Trademark holder can use to register domain names in the Sunrise Period can be found in the SMD file.

        Additional Information

        Signed Mark Data (SMD) File

      • Domain Registration: This will be the Domain Registration API call. See details