Personal Email Deprecation

The Personal Email Product offered by Altin Groups IT Solution Center has been deprecated w.e.f 2nd Feb 2015. The below changes have come into effect due to this deprecation:


All Personal Email Orders will be suspended on 30th April and you will no longer be able to send/receive emails. However, you will be able to renew the concerned order and resume all services as per the new billing model.

Control Panel

  • Customer Control Panel: The Email Hosting option under the Quick Links -> Add New Order section has been removed.

  • Reseller Control Panel: The Products -> Email Hosting -> Buy sub-menu has been removed.


  • The API Add Order call will throw an exception if the Plan category is email_plan.

  • The API Modify/Upgrade Order call will be processed only if the new Plan category is websitebuilder_plan.

    The new Plan category can be email_plan only if the current Plan category is email_plan. In all other cases, an exception will be thrown if the new Plan category is linux_hosting_plan or windows_hosting_plan or email_plan.


  • The Web Hosting section will not display any Plans for the Legacy Linux, Windows Hosting or Email Products.

  • You can switch from an existing Website Builder Plan to another Website Builder Plan only.